VR22 asphalt regenerator

VIATEK now presents the most innovative product in years in the asphalt sector. Much has been researched and carried out over recent years, especially as regards cold asphalt technology. One of the results is a regenerator of oxidised bitumen.

This is a revolutionary product ideal for a vast range of applications, some examples of which are described below.

The most illustrative example of the special features of this product is the option of spraying the product onto the ground, milling it together with a 3-4 cm depth of the road surface to then roll it and recreate a brand new asphalt surface. This special system is called SPRAY & MIX. The second system, MIX AND USE, consists in mixing the milled product with VR 22 to form an asphalt that can be laid immediately or within a few days. This system enables re-use of the milled concrete directly on site.

VR22 asphalt regenerator

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