ProPATCH permanent asphalt

This cold-milled asphalt concrete has been developed from a special mix of elements combined in a unique production process.
Attention to detail in the production process has become an essential element to ensure constant quality of this product, offering exceptional properties.

The strength of this product lies in the ease of application.

Once applied, the road can be re-opened to traffic immediately. It will be the traffic itself that settles the material, ensuring adhesion to the paving.

The main feature of Propatch is that it never sticks to tyres.

Propatch eliminates the need to use bitumen emulsion to increase adhesion.

This material can be used to repair cracks and ruts of even small sizes and apply micro-surfaces, in this case increasing adhesion using suitable cold asphalts.




Downloads: Depliant Pro Patch
ProPATCH permanent asphalt

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