Patching IGRO top quality Asphalt

Patching IGRO is the top of the range in cold milled asphalt concrete. The result, after hardening, is an asphalt surface with characteristics similar to that of hot rolled asphalt.
This product is extremely easy to use. It is simply spread, moistened and compacted.
During application, this material is easy to work to obtain perfectly flat surfaces. It is also possible to obtain small thicknesses depending on the particle size used.
With a particle size of 0-5 a maintenance surface thickness of just 6 mm can be obtained.

Adhesion to old concrete is optimal. However, adhesion can be enhanced further by using a suitable spray emulsion, above all on the edges.
Patching IGRO can also be used to repair holes and ruts and even to correct slopes or add joining sections between small ridges.
It is ideal for use in areas subject to transit of fork lift trucks, which need perfectly flat surfaces. Patching IGRO is also a good solution for restoring the height of manhole covers.

Patching IGRO top quality Asphalt

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